5 Las Vegas Casino Tips Unleashed!

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If you are planning a trip to Sin City, these casino tips will give you an advantage on having more fun on your visit and help you lose less money and win a little bit more!


Las Vegas casino tips #1

Visit during the middle of the week because hotel rooms will be much cheaper then paying weekend rates and you also will not have to deal with the weekend crowds.

Las Vegas casino tips #2

Sign up for free players cards. You will find them at the players area desk at any casino. Even if you don’t play at the casino they will mail you offers including free rooms on your next stay.

Las Vegas casino tips #3

Try not to play the slot machines. Learn how to play the table games and win a heck a lot more money. Slot machines are designed to drain you of your money!

Las Vegas casino tips #4

Sign up for comps! You can get free meals, extra bonus money, goodies free rooms and more. You can also get free entertainment for playing slots or the table games.

Tips #5

Always save and hang onto your winnings. I suggest you play with 25% of your winnings so you are guaranteed to walk away with winnings even if you lose other games.

I think visiting Sin City is fun for a vacation and a getaway and just knowing these tips will save you more money and give you more fun and more opportunities to win more money!

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