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Online Casino FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Here are some of the most common questions about playing at our online casino PlayGameGuide.com. If your query is not answered here, please contact customer support or email us: playgameguide.com@gmail.com.

Q1. Are Online Casinos Safe?

Online casino operators with a good reputation spare no efforts in safeguarding their players’ personal information, as they recognize that security is paramount in the industry. As such, they carry out all their transactions over connections that have military grade encryption (128-bit). Therefore, whenever you enter your credit card details, this information is automatically scrambled so that no one else can read what you’ve entered. As for the casino’s information database, the encryption ensures that only select individuals can access it, be it personal or financial.

You also have a responsibility as a player to ensure your own safety when dealing with online casinos. You must never divulge your casino account username and password. You must also only deal with reputable operations, which use trustworthy software like Cryptologic, NetEnt, Microgaming, Real Time Gaming, and Aristocrat. As long as the casino is licensed by a recognizable body, you should not have any problem with safety. Most licensing jurisdictions only award licenses after a casino has demonstrated its financial stability, with some even insisting on insurance or bonds being held to cover the balances of players. In fact, you’ll hardly ever hear of a victim of non-payment or fraud at a reputable online casino. And this is of course as long as players abide by the rules of the casino.

Q2. Are online casinos legal?

One of the most commonly asked questions about online casinos is also the most difficult one to answer. Since online casinos are located in cyberspace and are not bound to a specific location it’s trickier to control who can play legally. While there are some countries which have declared online gambling illegal that hasn’t stopped online gamblers completely.

In the US, for example, online casinos are illegal and yet there are American gamblers who are able to find loopholes and manage to gamble online. Despite it being illegal, no one in the US has been persecuted for online gambling.

The logistics of operating an online casino can become quite complicated. Even though some US-based gamblers may find online casinos that will allow them to gamble, no such loopholes exist for operating casinos. There are no online casinos based in and operated out of the US.

Unlike in the US, in most European Union countries online gambling is legal.  It is for this reason that many legal online casinos are licensed in Eu countries like Malta, Gibraltar and Isle of Man. Furthermore, many online casinos are also listed on European stock exchanges.

Q3. What are Online Casinos?

An online casino is an Internet based website which facilitates most typical online casino games, such as blackjack, roulette and slot machines. Most online casinos will have the capability to allow you to play for fun money or real money.

Online casinos come in 3 varieties:

  1. a) The 1st kind are those that need you to download their casino software. These online casinos are typically the most enjoyable to play, but their software will be installed on your computer. Once installed, these casinos offer greater graphics, sound & animation. A few years back, hard drive space was much more precious than it is today. If you purchased your computer within the last couple of years, then you won’t have to worry about the software taking up hard drive space.
  2. b) The 2nd type of casino is one that uses JAVA instead of a downloaded program. These JAVA casinos run on your web browser, often taking the same time to download as the 1st variety of casino. The main difference being the casino games are not installed on your computer. Most of these online casinos also offer sound and animation, and all of them offer some pretty good graphics. However they don’t really compare to download casinos.
  3. c) The 3rd kind of online casino uses all HTML and do not require any download time. These are very limited and due to their restrictions, there aren’t that many of them around.

The best way to find an online casino that suits your requirements is to look at our list of online casinos.

Q4. Where are Online Casinos located?

All online casinos are located outside the U.S. They are generally licensed in the country they are obliged to report to the local government. Antigua, Curacao, St. Kitts, Grenada, Dominican Republican, Gibraltar, Cook Islands are just a few countries that license them. Having said this though, most of the companies that run casinos offshore are actually operated from the US – it is just their computer servers that are located offshore. The reason these small countries allow Online Gambling operators to set up is because it can help boost their economy. Companies pay anything up to $100,000 to gain a gaming license in these countries, as well as paying ongoing taxes to the local Government.

The situation in the United States is a little more complicated. The US Senate, led by Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona, has been moving forward with legislation that will make most forms of online gambling illegal – including gambling at online casinos. How this legislation will be enforced is unclear. The proposed legislation targets casino operators, not the consumer gambling from their home.

Some online casinos are not accepting wagers from United States residents until the laws are clarified. Even so, some studies indicate that up to 90% of online gamblers are in the US.

Currently, all online casinos operate their servers outside the US. Most are located in the Caribbean and Kahnawake, where online gambling licenses are available.

Q5. Are US Players Legally Able to Play Online?

Players who are citizens of the US or reside within the US can play any online casino games they like, whether for fun or to make money, without worrying about breaking the law. The anti-Internet gambling laws in the country, such as the UIGEA of 2006, are only in place to prohibit the banking institutions from making financial transactions with online casino operators. There is no history of a player ever being arrested for gambling on the Internet. The casinos that accept US players offer safe third-party payment methods like eWallets to facilitate legal transactions.

Q6. How Do Online Casinos Make Money?

A casino is a business like any other, like your local bowling alley or video arcade, and so it has to make money in order to keep its doors open. This makes real money games the driving force of the operations. The underlying principles for casino money generation are not in players’ deposits, but in wagering and playing, and they include the house edge, variance, and return to player (RTP).

Q7. What is the variance in online casino games?

Variance is very different from the theoretical long-term outcomes of RTP and house edge. Variance applies to the short-term outcome of casino games and it’s what makes them so interesting. For instance, if you decide to wager $100 on black on the single zero roulette wheel, the outcome could go equally in two ways; you could either win or lose $100. If you place $100-wagers 10 times, the outcome could be a $1,000 win, a $1,000 loss, breaking even, or anything else that applies in between.

There is a significant difference in variance on different games. The variance of table games like Baccarat and Blackjack is relatively low, while that of the lottery is huge. The higher the variance of the game you choose to play, the greater your chance of losing your bankroll and the greater the potential of bigger wins. The variance also differs in one game between the different bets. In the case of Roulette, this is betting $100 once or single numbers vs. betting red/black vs. betting $1 100 times. In slots, there can be vastly different variance levels in different versions of a single slot game.

This makes your risk tolerance the key determinant in the games you decide to play. In case you are not a big risk taker, you will have less chances of losing all your chips if you play Blackjack or bet red/black in Roulette. This, however, will also limit your chances of winning. On the other hand, you will have increased chances of going bust if you bet single numbers on a Roulette wheel or play slots. You will also have a great opportunity of winning big.

Q8. How do I begin playing at an online casino?

We recommend looking around at several online casinos before making any decisions. Take careful note at the deposit requirements, minimum bets and most importantly the Bonus Wager Requirements, etc. There is a large selection of online casinos available on the internet. Many will let you visit and play for free and even place some bets without signing up. The best way to find a casino that suits your needs is to take a look at our online casino games.

Once you pick a casino that you like, you will be asked to sign up. Usually this will mean filling out an online form. Many will not even require that you give your name and address. You will end up with an account number and a password. The next step is an important one – depositing money into your casino account.

Q9. Do players have better odds at online casinos than land-based casinos?

Generally, players will find that with some games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat a player has the same chances of winning at an online casino as they do at a land-based casino. However with games like slots and video poker, the odds are stacked against players at land-based casinos.  Most slots and video poker offered at land-based casinos have a payout of 90% – 92%. Slots and video poker in online casinos, however, generally have a payout of over 97%.

The differences in payout are to be expected when one considers the expenses involved in the upkeep and maintenance of a land-based casino. Not only do land-based casinos have to pay employees but there other operational costs such as rent. These costs are astronomical when compared to what an online casino would have to pay.

Q10. Do I Have to Download the Casino Software?

Casino software is available in two versions: download version and no download version. The downloadable software version is the most common and developed for compatibility with Windows operating system. This is the original version of online casinos, and it offers all online casino games. You don’t have to download the software in order to play, though, as there are also versions that require no downloading. These are browser based, which is ideal for Linux and Mac users. With a Flash casino in a compatible web browser, you get to play games directly on the online casino server. In case you use Linux or Mac OS and still want to download the software, you have to install a Windows emulator program.

Q11. How does one find the best online casino bonus?

Online casino bonuses can be complicated and it’s easy for new players to get caught out. Players should not only have an understanding of how bonuses work but should thoroughly study the small print on the online casino’s website.  This is the only way a player will truly understand what is being offered by the casino.

It’s important that a player pays attention to the wagering requirements. These are the conditions a player needs to satisfy before being eligible for the bonus.  Players need to calculate the wagering requirement as it will indicate the minimum a player needs to deposit. Sometimes, what may initially have seemed like an incredible bonus is simply a waste of one’s time and money.

Q12. Is My Personal Information and Credit Card Number Secure?

As long as you are playing at an online casino that is legal and of good reputation, you can be assured that any details you provide are always secure. The casino will be licensed by a respectable jurisdiction, have an eCOGRA seal of approval, and accept only the safest payment methods.

Q13. How do I make cash deposits and withdrawals at an online casino?

In virtually all cases you will have to deposit some money before you can gamble online. This will mean sending online casinos money via Western Union, EcoCard, PaySafeCard, cashiers checks, money orders, wire transfers, credit cards etc. The most popular method these days is using a facilitator like Neteller. Most will not take personal checks as they would have to wait up to two weeks for the checks to clear to the overseas location.

Having said this, you can normally use personal checks with prior approval from the casino, but your money will not be available for play until your check has cleared. Nearly all casinos now accept credit card deposits. In fact, these are highly recommended due to the low cost and speed of the transactions. All casinos operate on the account system – you send them money and your account is credited for that amount. As you gamble, money is credited or debited as you win or lose. When you wish to withdraw money from your casino account (you can leave it in for future gambling) you can do so in nearly all of the ways that deposits could be made.

Many operations now allow you to have money withdrawn directly placed back onto the credit card that you first deposited money into your account with. This option is recommended as you can access your winnings within days. Casinos charge reasonable fees for other withdrawal options.

Q14. Can I Play Casino Games on My Mobile?

When the online gaming industry was starting out, the mobile gaming platform was non-existent as smartphones had not yet seen the light of day. Today, you’ll find lots of casinos offering games that are compatible with your mobile phone. There are iPhone games, iPad games, iPod Touch games, Blackberry games, Android games, and even Windows Mobile games. These casinos offer games not just for phones but also tablets. Most of the largest online casinos are already offering a mobile platform for their gamers due to their huge popularity, as players get to play on the go.

Q15. Do online casinos ban frequent winners?

Banning winners would be a poor move on the part of the online casino operator. Savvy casino operators know that the odds are always on their side. The more players win, the more the house wants them to stay and give it back. It is common, however, for internet casinos to stop extending cash bonus offers to players who never stay long enough to lose.

Sports books are a different matter. A few large-stakes professional sports bettors have been barred or even had their money confiscated. There have also been more cases of flat out stealing by the offshore bookies than by online casinos. Casual bettors who stay with reputable books should be ok.

Q16.  What are the most common types of online casino bonuses?

Sign-Up Bonus: These are very common bonuses targeted at prospective players. While the aim of these bonuses may be to get users to sign up, they don’t offer the best payouts. The bonuses are offered as a match bonus of between 100% and 300% of a player’s initial deposit.

No-Deposit Bonus: Many online casinos offer a no-deposit bonus. These are seen to be no-strings attached and risk-free bonuses as to claim the bonus all a player has to do is register. There is no need for a player to deposit any money. With these bonuses, a player is automatically given a certain amount of credit with which to play. Players even get the keep a limited amount of their winnings. These bonuses are particularly appealing for players who are new to online gambling as they give them a risk-free opportunity to practice.

Reload Bonus: These are very similar to sign-up bonuses in that they are a match bonus on a deposit up to a certain amount. Unlike sign-up bonuses, however, these bonuses only apply to deposits after the initial deposit. Wagering requirements also apply to these bonuses.

Sticky Bonus: These bonuses are a type of loan which the casino gives players. With a sticky bonus the casino gives the player a certain amount with which to play. When the player wants to cash out, the sticky bonus is deducted from the player’s winnings.

Q17. Do Online Casinos Cheat?

This is a question that burns on the minds of nearly all people before they start playing at an online casino. The fear is that the software they play against could be rigged, and the numerous cases of scams and fraud do no help. It is possible for online casinos to cheat, just like it is possible for an online cloths store, online bank, or any other online business to cheat you. However, most casinos find no need to cheat players because they have the house edge and therefore make enough profits without having to stoop to the level of criminality.

Reputable casinos observe software integrity and protect it at all costs. A simple search on Google will bring up a list of the casinos that are blacklisted because of such issues as bad customer service, payment issues. It’s not a given that there is evidence to support these casinos cheat, but it’s just better to avoid them. After all, if an online casino was caught cheating, they would lose their credibility, their players, and ultimately their profits and would have to close down. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely that an online casino would cheat its players. It’s just not worth it to them.

Q18. What should you do if you encounter problems with an online casino?

Most problems that are experienced by online casino customers are resolved quickly and usually in the patrons favour. Online casinos are a big competetive businesses and they rely on prompt customer service and retaining customers. Just like in Vegas, they don’t want you to look for the exit.

If your problem is left unanswered or the answer that you have been given is unsatisfactory, you may want to take further actions.

You can let the Interactive Gaming Council know what the problem is. This is extremely helpful if the offending casino is a member. If not, you will need to look elsewhere for assistance.
Another way is to post your complaint on a gambling forum, many of which can be found across the internet. Over the last few years, these forums have been able to resolve many problems between players and the online casinos.

Many casino operators visit forums as much as the players do, and voicing your concern will most often bring a quick reply from the casino.