Online Poker Bonus – How to Make Money Playing Poker

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An online poker bonus is an incentive offered by the poker room in order to tempt you to play on their site. Most poker sites are willing to take the chance that once you start playing on their site, you will enjoy the experience and stay there so they offer you “free” money to try it out. The bonus can come in various shapes and sizes but normally it is in the form of a virtual voucher which the online poker player can cash in after he has met certain conditions. An online poker bonus could be thought of as the virtual equivalent of the casino comp, in that it is extra money which is offered to the poker player for choosing to use that site rather than another Internet poker site.

So how do you get these bonuses and more importantly what do you need to do to redeem them? What exactly do you need to do in order to get that extra money out of the bonus account and into your real money bankroll?

The main thing that you need to realise about an online poker bonus is that getting the bonus is only the start of the process. A bonus in itself is worthless to you until you have played the number of hands required to release it. If you have just claimed your first sign-up bonus, you might be surprised when you switch on your computer and discover that the $200 match sign-up bonus is not available to you for play. The good news is though that just because the money is not part of your regular online poker bankroll, that does not mean it isn’t in the system. To get your bonus, you have to clear it.


So here are some basic principals of how to cash out a online poker bonus.

Rule Number One: Get to know the rules of the poker site.

In order for you to cash out your bonus, firstly and most importantly you will need to learn the qualifying criteria for redeeming it from your poker room. When poker bonuses first hit the scene players could only clear the funds through cash game play. The only option was to play the necessary number of raked hands in a cash game situation, you could not redeem a bonus through playing tournaments.

However, currently there are a good few poker sites which do let you to clear your bonus by playing in poker tournaments. These sites calculate bonus clearing the same way they calculate player points, so the good news for tournament players is that both cash games and tournaments count towards the total. It is essential however that you find out if the site you are playing on allows this practice before you start trying to earn credit toward your bonus through playing tournaments.

Rule Number Two: Play the required number of raked hands

Your bonus will clear at a certain rate, determined by the poker site which you are playing on. Often this will not be made too obvious and is hidden away in the small print of the Terms and Conditions when you sign up for the bonus. But whether or not it is clearly stated by the poker site, you will always be required to play cash hands or tournaments to clear your bonus.

Rule Number Three: Play the hands in the allotted time.

There is always a time limit on you to play the raked hands and clear your online poker bonus. Usually the bonus is released to you in stages, for example in increments of $10. To clear the whole amount of the bonus you not only need to play enough qualifying hands, you need to do it within the stated time limit.

Rule Number Four: Don’t go crazy!

When you have cleared your bonus, you will have a healthy addition to your online poker bankroll. Now for some people there may be a temptation to look at this new money as “free” money or some sort of gift that has just landed on your lap. This is not the case. You have worked hard for the money and now it is sitting safely in your account. Continue to play poker as you did before, don’t be tempted to raise your stakes and play at a higher level just because of this new poker bonus money. You will most likely get burned and find that all of your hard work in earning the bonus has been for nothing.

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