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Bwin Sportsbook

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Bwin Sportsbook Bwin, founded in 1999 with headquarters in Vienna (Austria), is the largest sports betting provider in the world. As… more

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Bwin Sportsbook Summary

Site Name Bwin Sportsbook
Founded: 1999
Country: Austria
Bonus Info: $20 SIGN UP BONUS
Minimum Deposit: $25
Support Options: Email, Phone, Live Chat
Deposit Options: Credit Cards, Moneybookers, NETeller, Bank Wire Transfer, Diners Club Card, WebMoney, Click2Pay, and FreeBet.
Withdrawal Options: Credit card, bank transfer, Kalixia, NETeller, Moneybookers, PayPal, and Click & Buy.

Full Review

Bwin Sportsbook

Bwin, founded in 1999 with headquarters in Vienna (Austria), is the largest sports betting provider in the world. As a sports enthusiast you surely must have seen their logo present on the shirts of soccer clubs Real Madrid and AC Milan.

The Bwin website is clean, user friendly and offers everything a sports bettor needs. They have a “Livescore” option where you can see all the current games and odds. This also includes a event-ticker which displays all happenings, such as goals, cards and substitutions.

Bwin also offers a mobile betting option, including an online tutorial.

Betting Options

As we stated above, Bwin offers thousands of bets each day across dozens of sports and contests. The sports offered include football, basketball, baseball, boxing, cricket, cycling, golf, handball, hockey, tennis, U.S. football, volleyball, formula 1, motorbikes, snooker, biathlon, chess, combat sports, alpine and cross-country skiing, darts, floorball, futsal, horseracing, ski jumping, NASCAR, rugby league, rugby union, speedway, Nordic combined, and greyhounds.

Bwin of course offers straight spread betting, money lines, totals, props, and long term (futures) bets. But what makes bwin unique is the vast array of live betting options available, especially in European soccer matches. At any given time there are dozens of live games being offered, with odds changing more often than the price of the Dow Jones.

Bwin has a nice menu of futures that span out months in advance, giving you the chance to play your hunches or your system well ahead of time. For example, right now you can place bets on several golf majors or the Super Bowl. These events do not take place for at least 3 months, and yet you can deposit and place wagers now. This is a nice feature that a lot of books have, but it makes bwin attractive nonetheless.

The site itself is very slick and modern, with various options, toggles, and controls to keep you pleased and organized. You can view last minute bets, top bets, bets of the day, as well as live scores, statistics, and results.

Bwin also offers an attractive, cutting edge mobile betting option, as well as a first bet tutorial for new players. This means that you can get your action down as long as you have a phone with a working data connection, which is a must have if you work strange hours or are often away from your computer but still looking for action.


For a first time depositor, there is a 100% bonus up to $1,000. For smaller players you have the option of a $500 deposit bonus. Other than that, there really are not many bonus offers for sports book players, although the site itself does offer a large cardroom and casino section where there are several different offers if you’re willing to take a shot at slots, blackjack, or other games of chance. Bwin relies more on large live betting options than bonuses to attract and continue to keep customers.

Security and Licensing

Bwin has been owned and operated by Bwin Interactive Entertainment AG since 1999 and have many sponsorships, including MotoGP, Fiba, AC Milan, Real Madrid and FC Bayern Munchen. Bwin holds European gaming and casino licenses issued by Gibraltar and operates under the strict supervision of the Gibraltar government, which has a solid reputation amongst sports books and customers alike. This means when they say they provide unparalleled security, with a state-of-the-art SSL server, they mean it.

Bwin offers a great blend of high level sponsorships and government sanctioned licenses to back itself with a sterling reputation. Customers should feel safe and sound placing a bet with bwin.

Professional vs. Recreational Bettors

Bwin is a nice place for recreational bettors who are looking to dabble in live betting. It can also provide good money making opportunities for professional and semi-professional players. However, as with most other books, if you are labeled a sharp, your limits will be cut and eventually you will have such a low bet limit that you may find it impossible to make any meaningful wagers at bwin. Some have reported that they have placed a string of losing bets and still been limited, which means the site operators are mostly looking to see if your bets are +ev, or if you beat the closing line, moreso than at your results alone. This means you could be down thousands and still have limits slashed, which is very frustrating and hard to deal with, even for the pros.

However, there are always players who “slip through the cracks” and continue to place high limit bets and sharp bets at that. Bwin may be worth a try for serious professionals, especially when considering the generous first time deposit bonus, and the fact that you will probably be able to get away with at least a handful of large bets before anyone catches on to your winning ways.

For recreational and casual players, bwin really is top notch. You will surely find the game you want to bet on, you will surely get paid if you win, and you will most likely enjoy navigating the site looking for action.

Deposits and Payouts

Betting at bwin is a safe and secure transaction, from the first deposit to the last cashout. Bwin offers support for many international currencies, including EUR, NOK, CHF, HUF, EEK, HRK, PLN, LTL, GBP, SEK, USD, LVL, and RUB.

Credit Cards, Moneybookers, NETeller, Bank Wire Transfer, Diners Club Card, WebMoney, Click2Pay, and FreeBet Card are the available deposit methods for bwin users.

Withdrawals are handled by credit card, bank transfer, Kalixia, NETeller, Moneybookers, PayPal, and Click & Buy. Using a rapid payout system, most bets are paid out within 24-48 business hours.


Bwin is a solid, reliable book that strikes a nice balance between professional style features and a recreational feel. The site offers wide appeal, with 22 languages, 500+ leagues, and 100+ countries involved in the act. Sadly, the USA is one country where you cannot place a bet at bwin, but that is more the fault of the government than the site itself. Someday, if laws are relaxed, bwin will most likely open up for USA players, giving them a much needed safehouse to play.

You really can’t go wrong or complain about bwin unless you are a top professional who has been effectively blackballed for placing sharp bets, but that should be expected with the vast, vast majority of sites out there. Your money is safe, the lines are reasonable and fair, and the customer service is always willing and able to help you solve any disputes. Bwin should definitely be considered for your next deposit.

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