NFL Wagering Online Gambling — New Orleans Saints playing it Safe on Thursday versus Titans

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As you prepare to make your NFL betting online wager on the New Orleans Saints and Tennessee Titans on Thursday do not expect to see plenty of star players on the field.

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The New Orleans Saints do not have anything to prove and their starters will not play much if at all. Tennessee is not likely to risk their star competitors either so the NFL betting outcome of this contest will come down to the backups.

NFL betting online odds at the online global sports books will most likely favor the Tennessee Titans when this game gets moving. The Tennessee Titans are at home and they’ve got a sound backup quarterback in Kerry Collins. With Patrick Ramsey and Chase Daniel getting playing time, the New Orleans Saints have an appealing backup quarterback situation also.

Who Comes to Play? – When you look at the 4th preseason game you actually have to ask which squad is going to come to play. The New Orleans Saints have no incentive to win this game. They’re on the road with the Vikings up next week in the year opener. The Titans could want to put on a show for their home fans so they could have a little more incentive.

This would be an simple play on Tennessee if the New Orleans Saints didn’t have such a quality competition going on for the backup quarterback position between Ramsey and Daniel. The problem with betting on Tennessee is that the Saints can score points with Ramsey and Daniel. The Titans are still going to get some action in this game in sports gambling odds though because they’re at home and considering the New Orleans Saints aren’t playing their starters.

The Tennessee Titans would like to get the victory so they conclude the year at.500. The Saints are already 2-1 so getting a victory is not that critical. Staying well is what is vital for the New Orleans Saints in this game.

Parlay: The Tennessee Titans and the Over may be the way to go with an NFL gambling parlay in this game. Tennessee has a little more incentive to win the game and both teams have quality backup quarterbacks who can put points on the board. The public will most likely take the New Orleans Saints basically considering they want to see them getting points, but the value is likely with the Tennessee Titans at home Wagering Online Gambling.

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